Collector’s Corner

As collectors ourselves, we have always valued other collectors’ high quality and unique collections of video games. It has always been a pleasure to see this caliber of merchandise traded into the Tech Exchange on a regular basis. We understand and appreciate the dedication it takes to find and maintain such a quality collection. As time goes on, our lives change, and we see our collections rise and fall. Sometimes life itself takes precedence over collecting, and we must sell some or all of our beloved collection. At the Tech Exchange we understand it can be extremely difficult to part with your collection, but we are here to help, with honest pricing and straight-forward answers to your questions.

If you are interested in selling your collection, there are many reasons to sell to The Tech Exchange. Countless collectors have enjoyed our honesty and convenience, and were satisfied with the values given. Imagine trying to list 1000 items separately on eBay; what a nightmare! If your collection qualifies, we can pay up to 50% of the retail value in cash for each desirable item. Desirable items include anything from common titles like a cartridge only copy of Super Mario World or Pokemon Red, to rare gems like Earthbound, or even obscure rare items like a factory sealed copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga. Desirable items are games people come to us searching for, which is why we will offer you a straight-forward, high-end price for these games.

No collection is too small, and no collection is too large for us to evaluate, and we can even come to you if necessary. If you are interested in selling part or all of your game collection to the Tech Exchange, please email us clear pictures and/or a detailed list of everything you are considering selling. The more information we have, the better. We will review your collection, and promptly email you back to set up an appointment.

If Your Collection Qualifies...

We will pay up to 50% of the retail value in cash for desirable items

No collection is too small, and no collection is too large

We are willing to travel to you to evaluate your items

Please email details (including photos if possible) to

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