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April 6, 2008

      Hello to everyone who is still checking the site. I am very sorry that it has been such a long, long time since we have put any kind of updates to the site, or given our fans any kind of information on the status of FusionGC. First of all, the 5 founding members are all doing well, and enrolled in Universities throughout Virginia. Andy and Clay will be graduating from Radford University this May with their Bachelor Degrees in Web Development so if anyone runs into them, tell them congrats! Onto the subject of future FusionGC events : Whenever all of us get together there are always talks about having another event and how much fun it would be. Unfortunately the talks usually end in us coming back to reality and realizing that we dont have enough time,money or manpower to host another event. We still love going to other cons and always a great time. The last Magfest was by far one of the best weekends that I have ever had at any convention, and cant wait for Magfest 7. They currently have pre-regestration open so you can go ahead and grab your tickets, we will surely be there.

     One of my favorite things that still happens every few weeks is when someone recognizes me from fusion and tells me how much fun they had at our convention and when the next one is. Its always hard to tell them "we dont have one scheduled now, but maybe sometime in the future we will" knowing that the chances of that actually happening are fairly slim. We still love hearing from fans, and are always willing to chat about Fusiongc, other cons or video games in general. So, if anyone has any comments or questions just click on the staff page over to the left and all of our e-mails are up there and our Aim screen names are up there as well.

     Hopefully the next updates will be a little more upbeat and more frequent. In the mean time keep on checking the site every once in a while, go to Magfest.com and pre-reg (M7 is sure to be a great con), keep on playing video games, and be safe over all. Untill next time -- Shan.

Posted by: Shan

January 18, 2007

     Well, it's a fairly late update and we regret to inform you that there will be no FusionGC 2007. We have decided not to run the convention this year because we are all in college and have other commitments. We will keep the site and forums up for a while to come, because we are still contemplating running a FusionGC 2008. To see my personal thoughts, click here. Please feel free to Instant Message or E-mail me (Clay@fusiongc.com) if you have any questions or want to talk about FusionGC, Megacon, MAGFest, conventions in general, or whatever really. It was fun, and check this site occasionally to see any updates about Fusion 2008. Also, check out the FusionGC wikipedia article for a semi-complete documentation of our history.

Posted by: Clay

July 3, 2006

     FusionGC 2006 has been successfully completed. I'm happy to see that everyone had a blast and I feel that the convention ran very smoothly this year. We had great competition in all our tournaments, we had a great time with Name That Tune, the game show, auction, and everything else. All the bands were awesome and we'd like to thank them all for coming. It was also exciting to have Robert V. Aldrich come along and lend his support. We'd also like to give thanks to Fizzman for supplying his sweet video game clay creations, Empire Arcadia for their continued support, and especially our "interns". I'd also like to thank the rest of the core staff for their hard work and dedication. Many people helped us out this year and we all appreciate it very much. We had fun this year and we're excited to plan another event for the future. Use our forums to stay in contact with everyone that you met at Fusion this year and check this site from time to time to see what we're up to. That's all I have for now. Thanks again to everyone that came out to Fusion this year. I'm going to bed...

Posted by: Andy

June 30, 2006

     Fusion is finally here! We're ready to dedicate the whole weekend to video games. We're also excited to be hosting our concert tonight, our video game show, Name That Tune, and lots of competitive tournaments. We encourage everyone to come as early as they can to get as much of the convention as possible. We'll be here until late Sunday. Also, we want to post our final reminder about Halo and Mario Kart DS. All players involved with Halo will need to supply their own controllers and all Mario Kart DS players will need to supply their own DS systems and copies of the game. If you are interested in the side DOA 4 2v2 tournament, you may want to consider bringing your own 360 controller. So, everyone, come out when you can. Fusion is taking over Roanoke!

Posted by: Andy

June 28, 2006

     I am happy to announce that K-1 Royal has been added to our concert lineup. These guys recently won Battle of the Bands and we're proud to have them at Fusion this year. You can check out their 2006 demo and more here. Also, if you're going to be staying at the Quality Inn, you will need to say that you are with "Shapiro" in order to receive the $60 room rate. Fusion is 2 days away!

Posted by: Andy

June 26, 2006

     The Ramada Inn is almost booked for Fusion's weekend. If you can't get a room there, Quality Inn is just a couple minutes down Franklin Road and they have rooms at just $60 a night. Their phone number is 989-4000. Also, I want to remind all Halo players to bring their own controllers for the tournaments and free play. Fusion will not be able to supply any Xbox controllers. All Mario Kart DS players will also need to bring their own DS systems and copies of the game for the tournaments. Check back here often as last minute news is added. Fusion is 4 days away!

Posted by: Andy

June 25, 2006

     If we have enough time during Fusion, we might slip in a Dead or Alive 4 2v2 tag tournament just for kicks. If you're interested, you will need to bring your own 360 controller. Fusion is 5 days away!

Posted by: Andy

June 23, 2006

     We were originally planning on having a staff meeting this Saturday, but the hotel is booked that day. We have moved it to Monday the 26th at noon at the Ramada. Please come out if you are willing to help us with tournaments, setup, registration, or anything else. We will meet at the Ramada and move elsewhere if needed. Please contact Brett at bahensley@radford.edu if you are unable to attend our meeting and you would still like to help with tournaments. Also, Fusion's schedule has been updated. Feel free to take a look at it by clicking the link at the top.

Posted by: Andy

June 17, 2006

     Guitar Hero tournament today at Vally View Mall!!! We'll be there all day so come and hang out with us. The tournament will be right outside of Electronics Boutique, in the middle of the mall on the bottom floor. As a side note, I'd like to remind everyone to bring their own Nintendo DS to Fusion for the Mario Kart DS tournaments. It's only two weeks away!

     Update: The Guitar Hero tournament went well and we talked to many people about Fusion. We may do something like this again before our big convention. Hope to see everyone there!

Posted by: Andy

June 1, 2006

     FusionGC's 2006 schedule is now posted. Click the link at the top of the page to view it. Tournament entry fees have been added on the tournament page. We have also added Guitar Hero to our tournament list. We are excited to announce that Empire Arcadia are going to be attending FusionGC this year and they will be helping with tournaments and also hosting a unique challenge of their own. You can learn more about Empire Arcadia by visiting their website. Also, we will be holding a Guitar Hero tournament at Electronics Boutique in Valley View Mall on either the 10th or the 17th, which date it will be on will be announced very very shortly. Finally, ANYONE who would like to help us out with Fusion will need to meet us at 1:00 PM at The Ramada Inn (Franklin Rd.) on June 24th so that we can get people registered and such. If you have any questions (of if you need directions) call Clay at (540)-798-1599. Also, the box of NES games we're giving away has grown to nearly 100 games and will be given away in a raffle on saturday. BE THERE.

Posted by: Andy

May 18, 2006

     FusionGC 2006 is almost upon us! We have lots of great news to share with everyone. First off, we have confirmed 4 video game/rock bands to play at Fusion! You can check them out on the Concert page. Secondly, I have posted most of our tournament rules. The rest of the rules will be posted shortly. Also, I would like to encourage everyone to bring their own Nintendo DS to join in the Wi-Fi fun and play in our Mario Kart DS tournaments. Other than all of that, go pick up your copy of New Super Mario Bros. and get ready for FusionGC 2006!

Posted by: Andy

March 26, 2006

      Well, Fusion is only 3 months and 5 days away, and we have a few annoucements to make. First of all, we are looking for an official photographer! If you are interested in the position, send an E-mail to Staff@FusionGC.com. Please include contact information, any experience, your camera model, and samples of your work if possible. Secondly, we are in need of staff! If you are interested in staffing, please E-mail Staff@FusionGC.com with contact info and why you want to staff. There are a few different positions available, such as helping us set up and break down, so you can still enjoy the whole convention. Compensation will be offered for photographer and staff positions. Normally, we don't announce prizes ahead of time, but this warrants annoucing. We have recently obtained a box containing an NES along with a few games. The games include:

Metal Gear Commando Maniac Mansion
10 Yard Fight Bad Dudes Monopoly
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mike Tyson's Punch Out Contra
Super Contra Donkey Kong Classics Pac*Man
Tecmo Bowl Super Tecmo Bowl Kung Fu
Galga Ice Hockey Double Dribble
Festers Quest Top Gun NBA Basketball
Jeopardy Final Fantasy The Ledgend of Zelda
The Ledgend of Zelda II Rad Racer Dragon Warrior
Pinball Caveman Games Pro Wrestling
Rush'n Attack Double Dragon Metriod (Boxed)
Ghouls 'n' Goblins Goonies II (boxed) NASCAR
Castlevania I Castlevania II Castlevania III

We hope to add the Mario Trilogy, as well as the second and third TMNT games. This entire thing will be given away at Fusion '06. Also, we should have the tournament rules up very soon, so stay tuned for more annoucements.

Posted by: Clay

February 24, 2006

     Hotel Update: We just got word that our room rates for FusionGC 2006 will only be $52.00 a night! That's a great deal compared to some other conventions that charge up to $179.00 per night.

Posted by: Shan

February 21, 2006

     Clay and I just got back from Katsucon a few days ago and it was awesome. The hotel was definately the nicest I have ever stayed at (the Presidential Inaugural Balls are held there)! We ran into some friends and met some cool new people. There were only a couple of bad things; We were minding our own business, selling ice cold delicious Bawls, and the hotel made us stop, and the driving/parking in downtown D.C. SUCKS!!! It's like they were playing pick-up sticks and decided that's how the roads should go. We had to pay $11.00 for 45 minutes of parking. But overall, it was pretty cool. We are also making plans to go to Anime Mid-Atlantic, in Richmond, V.A. about 2 weeks before FusionGC. On a side-note, we will be looking for more staff at FusionGC 2006. We will either take applications or have an interview style meeting. So think about it. We will give more info on it very soon.

Posted by: Shan

February 12, 2006

     The Tournament page now proudly displays our confirmed list of tournament games! It also has a few games that haven't quite made the cut yet. Hopefully we'll have the time and support to run all of these great games. If you are in support of any of the tentative tournaments, please E-Mail me at Andy@FusionGC.com and let me know. Tournament rules will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

Posted by: Andy

February 09, 2006

     I have been working on new sponsors for FusionGC '06 and have gained some support. We are hoping to have many awesome giveaways this year. We also met up with someone who works for Namco, and he will be bringing a lot of *GOOD* arcade machines; We should have a full list of the machines soon. Also, we will be going to Katsucon on February 17, so stop by and say hey. We should be somewhere near the gameroom. It's supposed to be pretty good this year. If you guys have any suggestions for FusionGC '06, please let us know. You can use the FusionGC Staff page to find the staff member of your choice and send him a few suggestions. We appreciate the feedback from the fans.

Posted by: Shan

January 25, 2006

     The Tournament page is now up for your viewing pleasure. It is a tentative tournament list for Fusion '06. Not every game listed is confirmed. I will mark it once it is finalized. After that, I'll post each tournament's rules so you can start practicing! You can click here to see the tournament list. See ya later bye!

Posted by: Andy

January 24, 2006

     MAGFest has come and gone. We have finally caught up on our sleep and we don't have to suffer anymore by eating pizza and pop tarts 3 times a day. All of the FusionGC crew had a blast. The Game Room ran pretty well with only a few minor problems. I have had many people IM me and tell me how much fun they had at MAGFest. We got to meet up with some old friends and met a ton of new people. We hung out with Empire Arcadia, The Virtual Fools, Robert Aldrich, and many more. We listened to some great bands like The Minibosses, Neskimos, Smash Brothers, and of course our great friends, (the best band there) WAVE THEORY! If you haven't heard of Wave Theory, check them out. If you have suggestions for MAGFest 5, let us know or let Brendan know. In other news, we are getting ready for Katsucon which is Feb. 17th - 19th. We will probably be helping out in the Game Room, and promoting FusionGC. Hope to see everyone there!!!

Posted by: Shan

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