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     This is a little convention that had a hand in inspiring us to start FusionGC. Up until 2002, there had been no video game based conventions in Roanoke or any of the surrounding areas. Created by Joe Yamine, MAGFest 1 changed all of that. The Con ran for 72 hours straight from September 27th to September 29th in 2002, a feat no other Con had ever performed. After MAGFest 1, Joe retired from his chairman status and Brendan Becker picked up the Con. On Halloween weekend of 2003, hundreds of people came to the Clarion in Williamsburg to play for another 72 hours. As expected, MAGFest 3 was rocking as well. If you're a gaming fan, we definatley recommend that you check them out.

Robert V. Aldrich

     Robert is a cool guy and he's been with us since '05. He's the author of two original Anime novels and many online serials. Check out his site to learn more about him and his works. He even puts video game elements in his stories!!!

Anime USA

     This con is quite the experience for anime lovers. Visit the site to see what they're all about.

Wave Theory

     A great group of musicians that fly out from CA every year for MAGFest. Check out some of their tunes.

Virtual Fools

     The Virtual Fools are a hilarious group from Virginia. They run a site with many great articles including the famous "Obscure Character Battle." They attended MAGFest 2 and 3 as guests and hopefully we can get them to come down to Roanoke for FusionGC!

Club Roanime

     This is a great anime group for Roanoke locals. They have meetings and anime showings at Lazer Venture on Mondays.


     KatsuCon is one of the best anime conventions on the east coast. We were proud to have a table for promotions at Katsucon 2005.

Anime Mid-Atlanitc

     Anime Mid-Atlantic is an annual Japanese animation convention held each year in Richmond Virginia. It is a very fun convention to go to, and all the people are always freindly. This year it will be held June 16-18. FusionGC should have a table there so come and check it out.

New Challenger

     As the fairly new home to a local game tournament hotspot in Maryland, features upcoming tournaments and daily updates of footage from across the net ranging from combo videos to superplays.